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Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

Tips Bagaimana nak cepat kaya!

Bagaimana Nak Jadi Kaya Senang @ Bagaimana Nak Cepat Kaya

Apa yang saya ajar ini tidak patut dibuat oleh sesiapa yang beretika. Terutama sekali kalau anda ada 1% pun kesedaran bahawa apa yang anda buat tidak berbaloi. Apa maksud saya?

Ajar orang jadi kaya.

Cuba bayangkan ni: dalam bank anda ada kurang daripada lima angka tapi anda tetap ajar orang macam mana nak jadi kaya macam anda. Kalau anda pernah dapat sampai enam angka setahun takpe juga… tapi kalau anda kaya sebab anda ajar orang kaya, rasa pelik pula. Anda kaya sebab anda ajar orang kaya pada waktu anda tidak berduit… adakah itu yang dipanggil law of attraction?

Dan ni yang teruk: Orang yang jual tu sendiri tak reti buat duit sedangkan dia buat panduan macam mana nak buat duit.

I have slightly different take on that one. You see, the only real reason why people enter a niche called make money online is that they can make even more money from that niche more than the other niche they are said to promote. Let me prove my case to you.

Let’s just say I make $100 from Clickbank. How can I make even more money than that? I make a package that says “how to make at least $100 a day in Clickbank” and then I use some fancy name generator and I see that Affiliate Punisher or Affiliate Killer is a name apt for this product.

So what’s the best thing to do? I make a product that focus on how I make money from CB. You know how much money I can make from this product? Even more than my Clickbank attempt. I really should do it… but I’m not. Somehow I have teacher’s blood inside me (both my ma and pa is teacher) and guess what – this is what most people are doing! I could make an article less than 5 minutes…

I could make 4 articles less than 20 minutes (from 1 article), I could make up to 50 articles in an hour… but I never sell any product telling you how to do it.

Maybe I should sell it since I don’t believe people will do their best when people give it to them for free.

I give it to you FREE OF CHARGE HERE. But I’m not tooting my own horn here, I am stating all these because I am baffled by whatever products people are promoting out there. I’ve been buying quite a lot of products but nothing has groundbreaking concept that I can use to break a bank.

Do I have something to do against these people? No, not really. They’re just making money. This is, after all, a business. You don’t have to buy their products if you don’t want to partake in their activities. However, a big HOWEVER, there are people who I genuinely respect. One of them is Jamal.

He creates a product on how to get government job (Malaysia) and he also created a product on two other niches totally unrelated to internet marketing.

And I will be happy if he chose to teaches his techniques to others. WHY? Because he’s proven at least THREE TIMES he knew what he’s doing! Damn it. You have no idea how to be in one niche and into another and be successful with it. It’s hard but he’s doing exactly that! Making money is hard… but every fucking copywriters in this world want to make it looks easier than the reality. Somehow that’s my downfall — I refuse to do it!

OK, not exactly. Not all copywriters do that. Some people like Ben Settle said right upfront that his method requires work… but people still think his techniques are magic bullets.

Darn this, this got to be the longest article I have written for Kelab IM and I can assure you I will bring you a lot of stuffs from the trench from now on. You just have to subscribe to my RSS to be updated if I have ever post any new stuff here.

Buat le kerja… senang sikit dapat duit…

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