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Isnin, 4 Ogos 2008

10 Tips for saving fuel - English Edition

Follow these ten tips to save fuel:
1.Think carefully before using your car for very short journeys
2.Turn off the engine if you are stationary for more than two minutes
3.Watch your speed - a journey at 50mph uses 30 per cent less fuel than one at 70mph
4.Accelerate gently and think ahead to avoid sharp braking
5.Having a vehicle regularly serviced brings many benefits when checks cover areas such as idling speed, ignition timing, thermostat and the fuel system
6.Your choice of fuel and lubricant can have positive benefits. Using a synthetic lubricant - such as Mobil 1 or Esso Ultron - can help to increase the efficiency of your vehicle
7.Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure - this can save up to five per cent on your fuel bill
8.Remove unnecessary items from the boot and take off roof rack when not needed
9.Look for opportunities to car pool
10.When you change your vehicle, consider fuel consumption as an important feature.

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